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September 2006 Preprints

IMA Preprint list

  • 2133     Mathematical modeling in industry X - IMA Workshop for graduate students (August 9-18, 2006)
    Fadil Santosa, Richard J. Braun, and Fernando Reitich, organizers

    (There are six papers in this preprint)

    • 2133-1     Birefringence data analysis
      Christopher Bailey, Ginmo Chung, Alvaro Guevara, Sean Hardesty, Joseph Kenney, Sarthok Sircar, and Douglas Allan (mentor)
      [ PDF ]
    • 2133-2     Web-spline finite elements
      Yanping Cao, Olga Terlyga, Jon Van Laarhoven, Jianbao Wu, Guangri Xue, Ping Zhang, and Thomas Grandine (mentor)
      [ PDF ]
    • 2133-3     Cell-foreign particle interaction
      Benjamin Cook, Tanya Kazakova, Pedro Madrid, Jeremy Neal, Miguel Pauletti, Ruijun Zhao, and SuPing Lyu (mentor)
      [ PDF ]
    • 2133-4     Reservoir model optimization under uncertainty
      Sasanka Are, Paul Dostert, Bree Ettinger, Juan Liu, Vadim Sokolov, Ang Wei, and Klaus Wiegand (mentor)
      [ PDF ]
    • 2133-5     Blind image deconvolution: Motion blur estimation
      Felix Krahmer, Youzuo Lin, Bonnie McAdoo, Katharine Ott, Jiakou Wang, David Widemann, and Brendt Wohlberg (mentor)
      [ PDF ]
    • 2133-6     Algorithms for the carpool problem
      João Pedro Boavida, Vikram Kamat, Darshana Nakum, Ryan Nong, Xinyi Zhang, and Chai Wah Wu (mentor)
      [ PDF ]

  • 2134     Movie denoising by average of warped lines
    Marcelo Bertalmío, Vicent Caselles, and Álvaro Pardo
    [ PDF ]
  • 2135     Stratification learning: Detecting mixed density and dimensionality in high dimensional point clouds
    Gloria Haro, Gregory Randall, and Guillermo Sapiro
    [ PDF ]
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