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October 1998 Preprints

  • 1589     Mathematical Modeling in Industry - IMA Summer Program for Graduate Students - July 22-31, 1998
    Fernando Reitich and Fadil Santosa, Organizers

    (There are a preface and 6 papers in this preprint):

    • 1589-1     An Analysis of the Chemical-Mechanical Polishing Process
      L. Borucki, Cameron Connell, Hala Jadallah, Jianbo Li, Peter J. Park, Boris Petracovici, and David Zeigler
      [ PDF-1 (252K) or PostScript-1 (578K)]
    • 1589-2     Problems in Computer Security
      R.L. Auerbach, N. Kerbel, M. Megraw, R. Osburn, S. Shetty, and J. Hoffman
      [ PDF-2 (385K) or PostScript-2 (568K]
    • 1589-3     Boundary Element Analysis of Intracardiac Electrogram Sensing
      John Alford, Nick Cogan, Charles Miller, Seth Patinkin, Bradford E. Peercy, and Noah A. Rosenberg
      [ PDF-3 (179K) or PostScript-3 (194K)]
    • 1589-4     Determining Addition Rates for the Growth of Uniform Silver Halide Crystals
      David M. Ambrose, Connie Gerads Fournelle, Katharine Gurski, Danping Peng, Vivek Shekhar, Valsa Varghese, and David K. Misemer
      [ PDF-4 (714K) or Compressed PostScript-4 (124K)]
    • 1589-5     Problems in Ultra-High Precision GPS Position Estimation
      Aleksei Beltukov, Jongho Choi, Leonard Hoffnung, Nilima Nigam, David Sterling, and Paul Tupper
      [ PDF-5 (340K) or Compressed PostScript-5 (180K)]
    • 1589-6     Deterministic and Stochastic Models for the Unit Commitment Problem
      Kashi Abhyankar, Tiernan Fogarty, Jennifer Leigh Kimber, Anhua Lin, Seung Seo, and Samer Takriti
      [ PDF-6 (1.2M) or PostScript-6 (633K)]

  • 1590     Robust Stabilization of Relative Equilibria with Application to a Heavy Top
    T. Posbergh and M. Egorov
    [PDF (603K) or PostScript (996K)]
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