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June 2002 Preprints

  • 1858     On the significance of the Titius-Bode Law for the distribution of the planets
    Peter Lynch
    [ PDF (238K) and PostScript (416K) ]
  • 1859     Constructing stationary Gaussian processes from deterministic processes with random initial conditions
    P.F. Tupper
    [ PDF (234K) and PostScript (258K) ]
  • 1860     Is image steganography natural?
    Guillermo Sapiro
    [ PDF (963K) and No PostScript ]
  • 1861     Morse description and geometric encoding of digital elevation maps
    Andrés Solé, Vicent Caselles, Guillermo Sapiro, and Francisco Arándiga
    [ PDF (1.2M) and No PostScript ]
  • 1862     On the regularity of solutions to a parabolic system related to Maxwell's equations
    Kyungkeun Kang, Seick Kim, and Aurelia Minut
    [ PDF (156K) and no PostScript ]
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