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June 2000 Preprints

  • 1708     Surface tension in a reactive binary mixture of incompressible fluids
    Henning Struchtrup and John Dold
    [PDF (192K)].

  • 1709     Positivity of entropy production and phase density in approximate solutions of the Boltzmann equation
    Henning Struchtrup
    [PDF (744K) or Compressed PostScript (371K)].

  • 1710     Variational problems and partial differential equations on implicit surfaces: The framework and examples in image processing and pattern formation
    Marcelo Bertalmío, Li-Tien Cheng, Stanley Osher, and Guillermo Sapiro
    [PDF (3.0M) or Compressed PostScript (4.4M)].

  • 1711     Overlapping Schwarz preconditioners for indefinite time harmonic Maxwell equations
    Jayadeep Gopalakrishnan and Joseph E. Pasciak
    [PDF (238K) or PostScript (452K)].

  • 1712     Large deviations for processes with long-range dependence, with queueing applications
    Cheng-Shang Chang, David D. Yao, and Tim Zajic
    [PDF (357K) or PostScript (789K)].

  • 1713     Stability of a spherical flame ball in a porous medium
    A.A. Shah, R.W. Thatcher, and J.W. Dold
    [PDF (244K)].

  • 1714     Anisotropic 2D and 3D averaging of fMRI signals
    Andres Fco. Solé, Shing-Chung Ngan, Guillermo Sapiro, Xiaoping Hu, and Antonio López
    [PDF (408K) or Compressed PostScript (406K)].]

  • 1715     A system for the generation of curves on 3D brain images
    Alberto Bartesaghi, Guillermo Sapiro, and Gregory Randall
    [PDF (5.1M) or Compressed PostScript (5.4M)].]
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