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July 2002 Preprints

  • 1863     Optimal blowup rates for the minimal energy null control for the structurally damped abstract wave equation
    George Avalos and Irena Lasiecka
    [ PDF (156K), PostScript (362K), and Cover page ]
  • 1864     Analysis of total variation flow and its finite element approximations
    Xiaobing Feng and Andreas Prohl
    [ PDF (227K) and PostScript (452K) ]
  • 1865     Humbert's Functions of Matrix Arguments-II
    Lalit Mohan Upadhyaya and H.S. Dhami
    [ PDF (31K), PostScript (296K), and Cover page ]
  • 1866     Mathematical modeling in industry - IMA Summer program for graduate students, May 26-June 3, 2002
    Rachel Kuske, Fernando Reitich, and Fadil Santosa, Organizers

    (There are six papers in this preprint)

    • 1866-1     Modeling planarization in chemical-mechanical polishing
      Dilek Alagoz, Stephanie Hoogendoorn, Satyanarayana Kakollu, Maria Reznikoff, Richard Schugart, and Michael Sostarecz (Leonard Borucki, mentor)
      [ PDF (335K) and no PostScript ]
    • 1866-2     Vehicle networks: achieving regular formation
      Madalena Chaves, Robert Day, Lucia Gomez Ramos, Parthasarathi Nag, Anca Williams, and Wei Zhang (Sonja Glavaski, mentor)
      [ PDF (318K) and no PostScript ]
    • 1866-3     Designing airplane struts using minimal surfaces
      Sara Del Valle, Todd Moeller, Siva Kumar Natarajan, Gergina V. Pencheva, Jason C. Sherman, and Steven M. Wise (Thomas Grandine, mentor)
      [ PDF (452K) and no PostScript ]
    • 1866-4     Mobility management in cellular telephony
      Benjamin P. Cooke, Darongsae Kwon, Dmitry Glotov, Simon Schurr, Daniel Taylor, and Todd Wittman (David F. Shallcross, mentor)
      [ PDF (210K) and no PostScript ]
    • 1866-5     Optimal design for a varying environment
      Serguei Lapin, Xuan Hien Nguyen, Jiyeon Oh, Daniel Vasiliu, Pei Yin, and Ningyi Zhang (David Misemer, mentor)
      [ PDF (290K) and no PostScript ]
    • 1866-6     Modeling the economics of differentiated durable-goods markets
      Miyuki Breen, George Chikhladze, Jose Figueroa-Lopez, Yaniv Gershon, Yanto Muliadi, and Ivy Prendergast (Suzhou Huang, mentor)
      [ PDF (201K) and no PostScript ]

  • 1867     The motion of a tracer particle in a one-dimensional system: Analysis and simulation
    P.F. Tupper
    [ PDF (208K) and PostScript (290K) ]
  • 1868     Variational image inpainting
    Tony F. Chan and Jianhong Shen
    [ PDF (601K) and Compressed PostScript (597K) ]
  • 1869     Simultaneous structure and texture image inpainting
    Marcelo Bertalmio, Luminita Vese, Guillermo Sapiro, and Stanley Osher
    [ PDF (1.3M) and No PostScript ]
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