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December 2000 Preprints

  • 1731     Runge-Kutta discontinuous Galerkin methods for convection-dominated problems
    Bernardo Cockburn and Chi-Wang Shu
    [ PDF (6.2M) or Compressed PostScript (4.3M) ]
  • 1732     Reaction-sheet jump conditions in premixed flames
    J.W. Dold, R.W. Thatcher, and A.A. Shah
    [ PDF (189K) ]
  • 1733     Waveform relaxation methods for stochastic differential equations
    K.R. Schneider and H. Schurz
    [ Abstract  (The interested reader should contact the coauthor Henri Schurz at "hschurz@math.siu.edu" for a hard copy) ]
  • 1734     Symbolic Representations of Iterated Maps
    Xin-Chu Fu, Weiping Lu, Peter Ashwin, and Jinqiao Duan
    [ PDF (268K) or PostScript (716K) ]
  • 1735     A multilevel discontinuous Galerkin method
    J. Gopalakrishnan and G. Kanschat
    [ PDF (290K) or PostScript (549K) ]
  • 1736     On the mathematical controllability in a simple growth tumors model by the internal localized action of inhibitors
    J.I. Díaz and J.I. Tello
    [ PDF (233K) or PostScript (553K) ]
  • 1737     On splitting up method and stochastic partial differential equations
    István Gyöngy and Nicolai Krylov
    [ PDF (326K) or PostScript (651K) ]
  • 1738     Some qualitative properties for the total variational flow
    F. Andreu, V. Caselles, J.I. Diaz, and J.M. Mazón
    [ PDF (286K) or PostScript (314K) ]
  • 1739     Completeness of superintegrability in two dimensional constant curvature spaces
    E.G. Kalnins, J.M. Kress, G. Pogosyan, and W. Miller, Jr.
    [ PDF (220K) or PostScript (534K) ]
  • 1740     Invariant Euler-Lagrange equations and the invariant variational bicomplex
    Irina A. Kogan and Peter J. Olver
    [ PDF (438K) or PostScript (550K) ]
  • 1741     Moment attractivity, stability and contractivity exponents of stochastic dynamical systems
    Henri Schurz
    [ Abstract  (The interested reader should contact the author at "hschurz@math.siu.edu" for a hard copy) ]

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