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August 2002 Preprints

  • 1870     Variational PDE models in image processing
    Tony F. Chan, Jianhong Shen, and Luminita Vese
    [ PDF (655K) and Compressed PostScript (721K) ]
  • 1871     Harnack inequality for nondivergent elliptic operators on Riemannian manifolds
    Seick Kim
    [ PDF (216K) and no PostScript ]
  • 1872     A note on boundary blow-up problem of   u=u p
    Seick Kim
    [ PDF (198K) and no PostScript ]
  • 1873     On the range of applicability of the Reissner-Mindlin and Kirchhoff-Love plate bending models
    Douglas N. Arnold, Alexandre L. Madureira, and Sheng Zhang
    [ PDF (279K) and PostScript (645K) ]
  • 1874     Nonconforming mixed elements for elasticity
    Douglas N. Arnold and Ragnar Winther
    [ PDF (201K) and PostScript (395K) ]
  • 1875     Differential complexes and numerical stability
    Douglas N. Arnold
    [ PDF (496K) and Compressed PostScript (531K) ]
  • 1876     Generalized Horn's functions of matrix arguments
    Lalit Mohan Upadhyaya and H.S. Dhami
    [ PDF (43K), PostScript (264K), and Cover page ]
  • 1877     Complex rotation with internal dissipation. Applications to cosmic-dust alignment and to wobbling comets and asteroids
    Michael Efroimsky, Alex Lazarian, and Vladislav Sidorenko
    [ PDF (496K), and PostScript (401K) ]
  • 1878     Backward uniqueness for the heat operator in half space
    L. Escauriaza, G. Seregin, and V. Sverák
    [ PDF (120K), and PostScript (129K) ]
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