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November 1993 Preprints

  • 1181     Application of multipole methods to two matrix eigenproblems
    Alex Solomonoff
    [View paper: PDF or PostScript]

  • 1182     Numerical solution of steady euler equations in streamline-aligned orthogonal coordinates
    A.M. Latypov
    [View paper: PDF or PostScript]

  • 1183     Semilinear parabolic equations with prescribed energy
    Bei Hu and Hong-Ming Yin
    [View paper: PDF or PostScript]

  • 1184     Global existence for a class of Non-Fickian polymer-penetrant systems
    Bei Hu and Jianhua Zhang
    [ PDF ]

  • 1185     Robust stabilization of a uniformly rotating rigid body
    Rongze Zhao and Thomas A. Posbergh
    [ PDF ]

  • 1186     Uniform decay of weak solutions to a von Kármán plate with nonlinear boundary dissipation
    Mary Ann Horn and Irena Lasiecka
    [ PDF ]

  • 1187     Well-posedness and uniform decay rates for weak solutions to a von Kármán system with nonlinear dissipative boundary conditions
    Mary Ann Horn, Irena Lasiecka and Daniel Tataru
    [ PDF ]

  • 1188     Nonlinear boundary stabilization of a von Kármán plate via bending moments only
    Mary Ann Horn
    [ PDF ]

  • 1189     Constrained covariance component models
    Frank H. Shaw and Charles J. Geyer
    [ PDF ]

  • 1190     A greedy algorithm estimating the height of random trees
    Tomasz Luczaka
    [View paper: PDF or PostScript]

  • 1191     Maximum entropy principles for disordered spins
    Timo Seppäläinen
    [ PDF ]

  • 1192     Recent results on Lyapunov-theoretic techniques for nonlinear stability
    Yuandan Lin, Eduardo D. Sontag and Yuan Wang
    [View paper: PDF or PostScript]

  • 1193     Random regular graphs: Asymptotic distributions and contiguity
    Svante Janson
    [ PDF ]

  • 1194     Random porous media flow on large 3-D grids: Numerics, performance, and application to homogenization
    Rachid Ababou
    [View paper: PDF or PostScript]

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