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February 1998 Preprints

  • 1531     Reconstruction of a 2-D binary obstacle by controlled evolution of a level-set
    A. Litman, D. Lesselier, and F. Santosa
    [PDF (509K) or PostScript (671K)]

  • 1532     Exact controllability of a thermoelastic system with control in the thermal component only
    George Avalos
    [PDF (296K) or PostScript (378K)]

  • 1533     The condition number of the Schur complement in domain decomposition
    Susanne C. Brenner
    [PDF (195K) or PostScript (250K)]

  • 1534     A Stefan problem for a protocell model
    Avner Friedman and Bei Hu
    [PDF (256K) or PostScript (446K)]

  • 1535     A parallelizable preconditioner for the iterative solution of implicit Runge-Kutta type methods
    Laurent O. Jay and Thierry Braconnier
    [PDF (295K) or PostScript (242K)]

  • 1536     Computation and bifurcation analysis of periodic solutions of large-scale systems
    Kurt Lust and Dirk Roose
    [PDF (442K), or PostScript (631K)]

  • 1537     On comparisons of time-domain scattering schemes
    Brian T. Nguyen
    [PDF (152K) or PostScript (252K) ]

  • 1538     Solitary waves in the critical surface tension model
    Yi A. Li, Brian Nguyen, and Peter J. Olver
    [PDF (394K) or PostScript (443K)]

  • 1539     A discontinuous finite element method for solving a multi-well problem
    Matthias K. Gobbert and Andreas Prohl
    [PDF (1M) or Compressed PostScript (273K)]

  • 1540     A first order projection-based time-splitting scheme for computing chemically reacting flows
    Andreas Prohl
    [PDF (232K) or PostScript (245K)]

  • 1541     A second order projection based time-splitting scheme for computing chemically reacting flows
    Andreas Prohl
    [PDF (316K) or PostScript (360K)]

  • 1542     An adaptive finite element method for solving a double well problem describing crystalline microstructure
    Andreas Prohl
    [PDF (234K) or PostScript (270K)]

  • 1543     Traveling-wave solutions of convection-diffusion systems by center manifold reduction
    Stephen Schecter
    [PDF (340K) or PostScript (588K)]

  • 1544     An isoperimetric estimate and W1, p-quasiconvexity in nonlinear elasticity
    Stefan Müller, Jeyabal Sivaloganathan, and Scott J. Spector
    [PDF (289K) or PostScript (330K)]

  • 1545     Stability analysis of perturbed plane couette flow
    Dwight Barkley and Laurette S. Tuckerman
    [PDF (1M) or Compressed PostScript (633K)]

  • 1546     Analysis of a Mathematical Model for the Growth of Tumors
    Avner Friedman and Fernando Reitich
    [PDF (264K) or PostScript (436K)]

  • 1547     On parameter estimation using level sets
    Jordan M. Berg
    [PDF (211K) or Compressed PostScript (268K)]
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