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August 1997 Preprints

(If there is no electronic version available please email IMA Staff at staff@ima.umn.edu for a hard copy.)

  • 1495     Formulation and Mathematical Analysis of a Fluid--Solid Interaction Problem
    Xiaobing Feng, Ping Lee and Yuting Wei
    [PDF (255K) or PostScript (266K)]

  • 1496     Finite Element Methods and Domain Decomposition Algorithms for A Fluid-Solid Interaction Problem
    Xiaobing Feng, Ping Lee and Yuting Wei
    [PDF (307K) or PostScript (347K)]

  • 1497     Continuous Dependence on the Nonlinearities of Solutions of Degenerate Parabolic Equations
    B. Cockburn and G. Gripenberg
    [ PDF ]

  • 1498     An Unconditionally Stable Splitting Scheme for A Class of Nonlinear Parabolic Equations
    Kenneth Hvistendahl Karlsen and Knut-Andreas Lie
    [PDF (549K) or PostScript (787K)]

  • 1499     A Framework for Parallel Tree-Based Scientific Simulations
    Pangfeng Liu and Jan-Jan Wu
    [PDF (234K) or PostScript (357K)]

  • 1500     VGDS: An Object-Oriented Framework for Distributed Scientific Computing
    Jan-Jan Wu and Pangfeng Liu
    [PDF (200K) or PostScript (189K)]

  • 1501     Parameter Estimation for Stochastic Evolution Equations with Non-commuting Operators
    Sergey V. Lototsky and Boris L. Rosovskii
    [PDF (271K) or PostScript (282K)]

  • 1502     Identification of Conductivity Imperfections of Small Diameter by Boundary Measurements. Continuous Dependence and Computational Reconstruction.
    D.J. Cedio-Fengya, S. Moskow and M.S. Vogelius
    [PDF (893K) or PostScript (1.3M)]

  • 1503     Application of Adaptive Quadrature to Axi-symmetric Vortex Sheet Motion
    Qing Nie and Greg Baker
    [PDF (343K) or PostScript (808K)]

  • 1504     The Evolution of An Axi-symmetric Stokes Bubble with Volumetric Change
    Qing Nie and Saleh A. Tanveer
    [PDF (203K) or PostScript (184K)]

  • 1505     A Note on Third Order Structure Functions in Turbulence
    Qing Nie and Saleh A. Tanveer
    [PDF (247K) or PostScript (357K)]

  • 1506     A Singular Limit for A System of Degenerate Cahn-Hilliard Equations
    Harald Garcke and Amy Novick-Cohen
    [PDF (438K) or PostScript (745K)]

  • 1507     Moving Coframes: II. Regularization and Theoretical Foundations
    Mark Fels and Peter J. Olver
    [PDF (621K) or PostScript (643K)]

  • 1508     A Parallel Nonoverlapping Schwarz Domain Decomposition Method for Elliptic Interface Problems
    Daoqi Yang
    [PDF (802K) or PostScript (1.3M)]

  • 1509     On The Number of Bound States for The 1-D Schödinger Equation
    T. Aktosun, M. Klaus and C. van der Mee
    [PDF (145K) or PostScript (151K)]

  • 1510     Strategies for Optimal Performance of Relational Databases
    Sanhita Sarkar
    [ PDF ]
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