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IMA Postdoc Seminar Information 2004-5
Tuesdays at 11:15 AM in Lind 409

The IMA Postdoc Seminar is intended for expository talks from the visitors on their current research interests. The organizers are Brian DiDonna and Tim Garoni. It meets in 409 Lind Hall on Tuesdays at 11:15 on weeks when there is no IMA special program. If you are interested in giving a talk please contact Brian at:

date speaker affiliation title
October 5 Stephen Watson Northwestern University "Coursening Dynamics of the Convective Cahn-Hilliard Equation"
October 12 Douglas Arnold
Hans Othmer
George Sell
IMA,UMN Panel discussion on writing grant applications
October 19 Xiaobing Feng The University of Tennessee "The Least Gradient Flow, the Total Variation Flow, and the Inverse Mean Curvature Flow: Applications, Theory, and Numerical Approximations"
October 26 no seminar, Singularities in Materials workshop
November 2 Richard McGehee UMN "Some Mathematical Aspects of Cluster Analysis"
November 9 Peter Sternberg Indiana University "Elliptic Variational Problems on Constricted Networks with Applications to Ginzburg-Landau Theory"
November 16 Matthias Kurzke IMA "Existence of multiply connected surfaces minimizing parametric integrals"
November 23 no seminar
November 30 Guillermo Sapiro UMN "Comparing Point Clouds"
December 7 Gerard Awanou IMA "A family of stable rectangular mixed finite elements for plane elasticity"
date speaker affiliation title
January 18 Fulvio Bisi UniversitÓ di Pavia "Role and evidence of order reconstruction in nematic liquid crystal confined systems"
January 25 Brian DiDonna IMA "Elasticity of inhomogeneous materials: relaxing the affine assumption."
February 1 Hailiang Liu Iowa State University "Wave breaking in a class of nonlocal dispersive wave equations."
February 8 no seminar, Composites: Where Mathematics Meets Industry workshop
February 15 no seminar
February 22 Jim Evans Iowa State University "Atomistic and Continuum Modeling Strategies for Homoepitaxial Thin Film Growth"
March 1 Ryan S. Elliott UMN "Bifurcation and Stability of Multilattices with Applications to Martensitic Transformations in Shape Memory Alloys"
March 8 J. Doug Wright UMN "Higher Order Corrections to the KdV Approximation for Water Waves "
March 15 no seminar, Spring Break
March 22 Jian Ping Gong Hokkaido University "Hydrogels with excellent mechanical performance: An approach to understand the secret of cartilages"
March 29 no seminar, New Paradigms in Computation workshop
date speaker affiliation title
April 6 Viet Ha Hoang University of Cambridge "High-dimensional Finite Elements for Elliptic Problems with Multiple Scales"
April 12 no seminar, Atomic Motion to Macroscopic Models: The Problem of Disparate Temporal and Spatial Scales in Matter workshop
April 19 Richard Kollar IMA "Linear stability of stratified fluids and the associated nonlinear eigenvalue problem"
April 26 Dan Kushnir Weizmann Institute "Fast Multi-Scale Clustering and Manifold Identification in 2D and 3D"
May 3 no seminar, Experiments in Physical Biology I workshop
May 10 Julie Mitchell University of Wisconsin "Tutorial on basics of proteins"
May 17 no seminar, Experiments in Physical Biology II workshop
May 24 no seminar, Modeling the Dynamics of Liquid Crystal Elastomers workshop
May 31 Peter Philip IMA "A Finite Volume Scheme for Transient Nonlocal Conductive-Radiative Heat Transfer, Part 1: Formulation and Discrete Maximum Principle"
June 7 no seminar
June 14 Sean Han IMA " Econometric Inference of Rental Company's Preference"
June 20 Peter Philip IMA "A Finite Volume Scheme for Transient Nonlocal Conductive-Radiative Heat Transfer, Part 2: Convergence to the Weak Solution"
June 21 Frederic Legoll IMA " Theoretical and numerical comparison of some sampling methods for molecular dynamics"

Archive of the 2003-4 IMA Postdoc Seminar.

Archive of the 2002-3 IMA Brown Bag Seminar.
Archive of the 2003-4 IMA Brown Bag Seminar.
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