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IMA 2002 Summer Program for
Graduate Students in Scientific Computing
July 1-26, 2002

Complete List of IMA PI Graduate Students Programs

During July 1-26, 2002 the University of Kentucky Center for Computational Sciences will be the host of the Institute for Mathematics and its Applications' (IMA) summer graduate program in mathematics.  The course will concentrate on scientific computing with an emphasis on applications including a week on biomathematical computing.  An additional feature will be a two day workshop on how to use the Department of Energy's software for parallel computers at the end of week 3.

This program is open to graduate students from IMA Participating Institutions. Students are nominated by their department head. Participating institution department heads nominate graduate students from their institution by an e-mail to visit@ima.umn.edu with the students' names and e-mail addresses. Places are guaranteed for two graduate students from each participating institution, with additional students accommodated as space allows. Note that registration and selections of qualified students are over.

Students who have been nominated can fill out the online application form.

Registration Form

Please note that the Registration form is in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format and may be filled in online and printed out if you have a reasonably current version of Acrobat Reader (available for free online from Adobe.)

    The conference is being organized by

Professor Craig C. Douglas
Email: douglas@ccs.uky.edu
Telephone: +1-859-257-2326
eFax: +1-240-384-7714

The conference administrative assistants are

Ms. Teresa Moody and Mrs. Sandy Leachman
Email: tmoody@pop.uky.edu and sandy@ukcc.uky.edu
Telephone: +1-859-257-8737
Fax: +1-859-323-1029

Topics and Speakers

    There will be a topic a week unless noted. The ACTS workshop will be at the end of Iain Duff's lectures during the third week.

Date E-Mail Speakers
Craig C. Douglas
Jun Zhang
Parallel Computing and Visualization
Jerome Jaffré
Jean Roberts
Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations
7/15-17 Iain Duff Sparse Matrix Methods
7/18-19 Tony Drummond
Osni Marques
ACTS workshop
7/22-26 Toni Kazic Bioinformatics and Its Relation to Scientific Computing

Daily Schedule

    We will meet on Monday through Friday.  The first day we will meet at 9:00 to get acquainted.  All lectures will be in 327 McVey Hall unless announced otherwise.  Students are expected to attend all of the lectures.

9:30-10:30 First lecture
10:30-11:00 Break
11:00-12:00 Second lecture
12:00-2:00 Lunch
2:00-4:00 Informal study sessions

In addition, there will be an informal get together on Monday evenings.

List of Confirmed Participants

Student's Name Institution E-mail Address
Akash Anand University of Minnesota anand@math.umn.edu
Francisco Blanco-Silva Purdue University fbs@math.purdue.edu
James F. Booth University of Kentucky jbooth@ms.uky.edu
Cara Brooks Michigan State University brooksca@pilot.msu.edu
Marcio Gameiro Georgia Institute of Technology gameiro@math.gatech.edu
Scott Hampton University of Notre Dame shampton@nd.edu
Guangyue Han University of Notre Dame ghan@nd.edu
Housan Huang Kent State University hhuang3@kent.edu
Heejong Lee Korea - Brain Korea 21 hlee@nasc.snu.ac.kr
Jinwoo Lee Korea - Brain Korea 21 Jlee@nasc.snu.ac.kr
KoungHee Leem University of Iowa khleem@math.uiowa.edu
Chengdong Li University of Kentucky cli4@uky.edu
Kathryn Lybarger University of Kentucky kathryn@ms.uky.edu
Andrey Martyenko University of Houston andrey@math.uh.edu
Trung Nguyen University of Houston trungngu@math.uh.edu
Jiyeon Oh University of Cincinnati jyoh@hotmail.com
Sewoong Oh Korea - Brain Korea 21 Oh@nasc.snu.ac.kr
Moongyu Park Purdue University mpark@math.purdue.edu
Niyazi Sahin University of Pittsburgh nisst6@math.pitt.edu
Seonho Shin University of Iowa sshin@math.uiowa.edu
Danny Thorne University of Kentucky thorne@ccs.uky.edu
Man Tsoi Ohio State University mtsoi@math.ohio-state.edu
Suleyman Ulusoy Georgia Institute of Technology ulusoy@math.gatech.edu
Gergina Vasileva Pencheva University of Pittsburgh gepst12@pitt.edu
Karen Walters University of Kentucky walters@ms.uky.edu
Ying Xu University of Kentucky xyu0@engr.uky.edu
Jingzi Zhou Michigan State University zhoujin2@pilot.msu.edu


    The university also has a 224 processor HP Superdome cluster. Each processor is rated at about 3 gigaflops (peak) and has 2 gigabytes of main memory. There are three 64 processor and one 32 processor SMP's with five terabytes of attached disk storage. In addition, there are workstations and PC's.  Students should bring a laptop computer if possible.

    There are apartments, cafeterias, restaurants, bookstores, libraries on or near campus. Lexington is a city of 275,000 people and has many other facilities. Its airport is served by 6 major airlines. Cincinnati is about 75 miles from campus.

    Temporary campus id's will be arranged so that access to university facilities is assured.

Craig C. Douglas

Complete List of IMA PI Graduate Students Programs

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