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1999 IMA PI Summer Program for Graduate Students

2001 IMA PI Summer Program for Graduate Students on

Poisson and Quantum Structures"

University of Cincinnati

1999 IMA PI Summer Program for Graduate Students:
"Dynamical Systems & Applications"

Pennsylvania State University

June 7 - July 2, 1999

The summer 1999 program, DYNAMICAL SYSTEMS AND APPLICATIONS , was held at Pennsylvania State University. Mark Levi was the organizer. A schedule and list of topics is as follows.
Lecture Program for June 7-July 2, 1999
June 7-11 Helmut Hofer
Courant Institute
Hamiltonian Dynamics, Variational Principles and Symplectic Invariants
June 14-18 Dima Burago
Pennsylvania State University
Geometric Introduction to Control Theory
June 21-25 Anatole Katok
Pennsylvania State University
Introduction to the Modern Theory of Dynamical Systems
June 28-July 2 Jeff Xia
Celestial Mechanics

The program involves two hours of lectures each morning followed by informal or problem sessions in the afternoons. Every Monday evening there is a social event. The intense month long program allows the students to learn from and interact with the visiting speakers and one another. A certain camaraderie and sense of inclusion is fostered among the students by the chance to work closely with distinguished mathematicians over a lengthy period in a warm social and intellectual atmosphere. Student evaluations of the program are very positive. This is a good example of an excellent program available through the PIs that no one institution could provide.

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