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IMA Participating Institutions Benefits

From its inception, the IMA has worked closely with a group of affiliated research institutions, referred to as Participating Institutions (PIs). PIs form an important source of input, talent, energy, and participation for the IMA. PI membership is an ideal way for an institution to express its support for mathematics and its applications. The breadth of synergy that these collaborations bring to the IMA’s programs and their participants has been key to the IMA’s success. From its initial core of eight universities, the PI program has now grown to a total of 38 universities and government laboratories.

How the IMA PI membership works. With annual terms running from September 1 through August 31, the IMA PI membership fee for an academic institution is $10,000 per year. Institutions may join at any time and pay a prorated fee. Each PI has an accumulating account at the IMA in which $3,000 from the annual membership is set aside yearly. PI institutions can spend the available funds from their account at any time for IMA-related activities at the discretion of the PI contact. The remaining membership funds are applied to other PI membership benefits, such as PI conferences and PI summer programs for graduate students and operational costs.

  Maximal opportunities for participation in IMA-related activities
  Financial support for organizing mathematics conferences
  Financial support for organizing summer programs for graduate students
  Direct influence on IMA directions and programming
  Access to the IMA scientific community
  Advocacy and publicity

Inquiries concerning the IMA PI program should be sent to the director .

PI Benefits Flyer

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