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Postdoctoral Members for 1996-97 Program on Mathematics of High Performance Computing
Name Previous/Present Institution
Matthias K. Gobbert
Sergey Lototsky
Serguei Y. Maliassov
Qing Nie
Brian T. Nguyen
Sanhita Sarkar
Brian J. Suchomel
Daoqi Yang
Arizona State University
University of Southern California
Texas A&M University
Ohio State University
Univeristy of Michigan
University of Minnesota
University of Wyoming
Purdue University

Postdocs for the IMA's 1997-1998 Program on Emerging Applications of Dynamical Systems have also been selected.

Postdoctoral Memberships in Industrial Mathematics For 1996-97
Name Previous/Present Institution Industrial Affiliation
Sanjay Chawla
Micheal Kouritzin
Gilberto Lopez
Lei Wang
University of Tennesee
Carleton University
Northwestern University
University of Washington
Lockheed Martin
Eastman Kodak

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