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Special Workshop
Women in Mathematical Sciences Connections to Industry
February 23-25, 1996
Margaret Cheney Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst.
Margaret Wright AT&T Bell Labs
Rosemary Chang Silicon Graphics

Mathematical problems arising in industrial applications typically embody complicated, interdisciplinary issues of formulation, analysis, and solution. Women in the mathematical sciences today should be as aware as possible of the many opportunities provided by real-world problems for high-quality research, contributions to practical results, and rewarding scientific careers. The weekend workshop is intended to increase and enhance this awareness in two ways: first, by conveying the diverse nature, structure, and consequences of industrial applications of mathematics; and second, by developing a set of concrete action items for colleges and universities, industry, government laboratories, funding agencies, and professional organizations to encourage women mathematical scientists at all levels to become involved with industrial problems.

The first goal will be achieved through technical talks by selected participants, chosen based on their successful experiences with real-world problems. The collection of action items will be developed from focused small-group and plenary discussions in which participants contribute their ideas about policies and strategies that will be both constructive and achievable.

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