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IMA Workshop 10
Topics Related to Nonlinear PDE
March 25-29, 1996

Organizers:Vladimir Sverak (University of Minnesota) and Stefan Müller
(ETH Zürich)

Speakers: J. M. Ball (Heriot-Watt), L. C. Evans (Berkeley), T. Ilmanen (Northwestern), T. Iwaniec (Syracuse), B. Kirchheim(Freiburg), F. H. Lin (Courant/Chicago), D. Phillips (Purdue), S. Semmes (Rice), L. Tartar (Carnegie-Mellon), T. Toro (Chicago), J. Wolfson (Michigan State)

Limited support for graduate students may be available. For further information contact V. Sverak, Dept.of Mathematics, Univ.of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN 55455. E-mail:sverak@math.umn.edu .

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