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Upcoming opportunities at the IMA

Positions at the IMA: If you are interested or know of anyone who is interested in applying for one of the IMA General Membership, New Directions Research Professorship or Postdoctoral Fellowship positions in connection with the 2008-2009 thematic program, the deadline for applying for the postdoc posistions is January 4, 2008 and for the New Directions Research Professorship is January 15, 2008. There is no deadline for the General Membership. . You can find the applications for these positions at our Applications site.

Proposals for future programs: The IMA actively solicits proposals for programs from members of the mathematical sciences community. Possibilities include annual programs (running September-June), summer programs (typically running two to four weeks and involving between 60-120 participants), and Hot Topics workshops (typically lasting a few days and treating a topic of exceptional contemporary interest and potential impact). Submission timelines: Preproposal for annual programs, at least four years in advance of the proposed start date; summer program proposals, roughly two to three years in advance; Hot Topics workshop proposals, a year in advance, cosponsorship by an industrial partner or institute is preferred. Additional information is available at Program Solicitation site. Detailed information about IMA programs, as well as the online application forms for IMA workshops and memberships, can be found at IMA site.