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The quarterly E-Newsletter offers a glimpse into the current IMA schedule of events, including talks, lectures, and workshops as well as the most recent IMA news.

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  April 2013

From the Director
We've been busy here at the IMA with a workshop on Stochastic Modeling of the Oceans and Atmosphere (lecture videos online) for the Mathematics of Planet Earth 2013, an exciting workshop on Career Options for Women in Mathematical Sciences in March; and this month, we have extended the deadline for our New Directions Short Course: Applied Statistics and Machine Learning. The course will cover a broad array of modern statistical concepts and techniques with a focus on critical thinking and practical data analysis. Applications are still being accepted.

Women in Applied Mathematics Research Collaboration Workshop
From September 9–
13, 2013, the IMA, with support from Microsoft Research, will hold a special workshop, Women in Applied Mathematic Research Collaboration: Dynamical Systems with Applications to Biology and Medicine. The workshop aims to build a strong network of women working on dynamical systems in biology by facilitating new collaborative research groups.

IMA Director Search Continues
The IMA Board of Governors and the University of Minnesota are still accepting applications for a new Director of the IMA for an appointment beginning July 2015. Candidates should have the qualifications to provide scientific and administrative leadership. Salary and length of term as Director of the IMA are negotiable. The Director will be offered a tenured professorship at the University of Minnesota. Read the full position posting and apply online through MathJobs.org.

In the News

IMA Holds Workshop on Career Options for Women in Mathematical Sciences. From March 3 to March 5, 2013, the IMA brought together women from all across the United States for the special workshop on Career Options for Women in Mathematical Sciences. The IMA gathered more than 80 participants for the three-day workshop that focused on professional opportunities for women working in the mathematical sciences. Photos and videos of the presentations are available on the IMA's website.

IMA Now Accepting Applications for Board of Governors. Applicants may either self-nominate or they may be nominated by others. The IMA's board consists of 15 distinguished members from academia, industry, and national laboratories. The board is the principal governing body of the IMA. Prospective applicants should submit an application via the online form. Nominations must be submitted by July 31, 2013.

Pierre Deligne Wins the Abel Prize. On March 20, 2013, the Norwegian Academy of Sciences announced that Pierre Deligne was awarded the 2013 Abel Prize. He received the award "for seminal contributions to algebraic geometry and for their transformative impact on number theory, and related fields." Deligne is currently a professor at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, NJ. Stay tuned for information on the upcoming fourth annual Abel Conference at the IMA, honoring Deligne and his contributions to mathematics.

2013 PI Summer Graduate Program, July 15 - August 2. From July 15 to August 2, 2013, the IMA will hold the PI Summer Graduate Program, "Flow, Geometric Motion, Deformation, and Mass Transport in Physiological Processes." The program aims to expose graduate students to the fundamentals of mathematical and computational studies in mechanisms that underlie physiological and materials processes, including the motion of biomembranes, solid-fluid interaction, and the morphogenesis of growing tissues. The list of invited speakers includes experts in applied and numerical analysis, mathematical modeling, computational mathematics, and experimental science. Read more about the program online.

Brian Conrad and Martin Nowak Announced as Next IMA Public Lecture Speakers. The IMA is pleased to announce that Brian Conrad, Stanford University, will be presenting the next IMA Public Lecture in September 2013, and Martin Nowak, Harvard University, will present in October 2013. Stay tuned for more details!

Thematic Year Workshops

Stochastic Modeling of Biological Processes. Stochasticity is unavoidable when considering biological systems and processes. Not only must systems be robust but some systems actually rely upon Brownian motions in order to operate efficiently. This workshop, to be held May 13-17, will address topics from the spread of diseases, the dispersal of species in spatially random environments, neuronal activity (singly and in networks), genetic evolution, cellular locomotion, wound healing, genetic regulatory systems, and more. View the program application online.

Hot Topic and Special Workshops and Events

Application Deadline Extended: New Directions Short Course: Applied Statistics and Machine Learning. This summer, the IMA will hold its New Directions Short Course, entitled "Applied Statistics and Machine Learning." The course provides opportunities for establishing collaborations, building connections, and possibly shifting one's research focus. This two-week course will introduce participants to a broad array of modern statistical concepts and techniques with a focus on critical thinking and practical data analysis. The course will cover exploratory data analysis, statistical modeling, and statistical computation. More information and an online application are available online.

Now Accepting Applications for 2014-2015 New Directions Professorships. The IMA is now accepting applications for its New Directions Research Professorships for the 2014-2015 thematic program, Discrete Structures: Analysis and Applications. The professorship offers established mathematicians an extraordinary opportunity to branch into new directions and increase the impact of their research by spending an academic year immersed in the IMA's thematic program.

Board and Committee Updates

Two Months Left to Show Your Support! The IMA's Community Relations Committee (CRC) has received a great deal of support for the IMA's K-12 outreach efforts. There is still time left to make your contribution! The CRC's goal is to raise $50,000 by June 30, 2013. Remember, every donation to the Hans Weinberger IMA Fund will be matched up to $25,000. Make your tax-deductible donation online today!

Important Dates

May 2013
13-17 - Annual Program Workshop: Stochastic Modeling of Biological Processes

June 2013
3-7 - Joint U.S.-Japan Conference for Young Researchers in Interactions among Localized Patterns in Dissipative Systems

11-14 - Mathematical and Computational Challenges in the Control, Optimization, and Design of Energy-Efficient Buildings

17-28 - New Directions Short Course: Applied Statistics and Machine Learning

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