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Mathematical Modeling in Industry-A Workshop for Graduate Students
Design of a Microactuator

Tutor: David Ross, Eastman Kodak

With advances in microelectronic device fabrication technology, it has become possible to make small mechanical devices on computer chips. Our problem will be to devise a model of such a device--a simple microactuator--and analyze it to optimize performance.

References: Landau and Lifshitz, Theory of Elasticity, sections 12, 13, and 25.

The Feynman Lectures, Volume II, chapter 38.

Also, take a look at the web site: http://www.mdl.sandia.gov/Micromachine/   in particular, look at the pictures and the movies.

Project Team Participants:

Zsolt Lavicza University of Cincinnati
Hyeona Lim Michigan State University
Nicolae Tarfulea Pennsylvania State University
Minsu Song University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
David Malonza Iowa State University
Yeojin Chung University of California, Irvine

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