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Talk Abstract
Seminar on Industrial Problems
Nonlinear Analysis and Design in Electrical Engineering (Applications of Dynamical Systems to Oscillator Theory and Design)
April 14, 2000

Presented by:

Michal Odyniec
Agilent Technologies
3175 Bowers Avenue, MS 88A
Santa Clara, CA 95054, USA


570 Vincent Hall
10:10 am

This presentation will outline engineering design practices and relate them to the theory of nonlinear oscillations. First oscillators design date from 1920's and their theoretical justification was given by van der Pol during next decade. Ironically the van der Pol works, which gave rise to the theory of averaging and to Smale's horseshoe became virtually forgotten in electrical engineering from which they had arised. Why this had happenned and can the theory and design be brought together will be the main themes of the talk.

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