Applied Math and Disk Drive Design

Outline of Presentation

Drive Overview

Disk Drive I/O

Air Bearing Overview

Air Bearing Code Development

Modified Reynolds Equation

Modified Reynolds Equation (cont.)

Open Issues

Suspension Equations

Mesh Generation

Mesh Generation (cont.)

Meshing Example

Open Meshing Issues

Importance of Mesh Quality

Typical Steps in Quad Meshing

Finite Volume Method (FVM)

Finite Volume Method (cont.)

Finite Element Method (FEM)

Finite Element Method (cont.)

Nonlinear Equation Solver

Issues Not Addressed in Literature

Sparse Matrix Solution



Sparsity Patterns

Performance Results


CML Optimizer

Sensitivity Analysis

Sensitivity Analysis (cont.)

Efficient Analysis of Sensitivities

Pontential Applications

Active Contours

Optical Profilometry Data

Example of Decimation