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Quantitative Analysis and Modulation of the Spatial Operation of the EGF Receptor Autocrine Cell Signaling System

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Dysregulation of autocrine communication can lead to disease.

Two extremes of autocrine cell operation:

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We then convert this mental picture into mathematics…

A system of equations with measurable parameters, initial conditions, & outputs.

Mathematical models are validated with experimentation

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Testing experimental hypotheses is time-intensive with living systems…

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Cells can modulate spatial distribution of signals via processes governing signal rate, receptor number, and binding affinity.

Closing section #2 …


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Why is 3M Pharmaceuticals somewhat unique?

Making good decisions is a critical activity in any competitive industry.

Many groups within 3M Pharmaceuticals making decisions


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Why is System Knowledge difficult to attain?

The Scientific Process


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Systems Biology

Example from Davidson et al. Science 295, pp. 1669-1678, 2002.

Systems Biology: the intersection of biology, engineering & mathematics, & IT

Systems Biology cont.

Who (of Pharma/Biotech companies) has efforts in systems biology?

In silico Biology Companies
 (not ADME/Tox and Pharmacokinetic Models)

Closing section #3 & 4 …

Opportunities for Mathematics in Pharmaceutical Industry

Skill sets for Successful Career