Micromagnetic Modeling of Writing and Reading Processes
in Magnetic Recording


Head Structure

Slide 4

Technology Development of Magnetic Recording at Seagate

Scaling Laws for Magnetic Recording*

Computational Micromagnetics

Effective Magnetic Field

Lindholm Writer Field for Perpendicular Recording

M-H loop of Perpendicular Media

Functions of Micromagnetic Recording Model

Cross-track and Down-track Profiles

GMR read sensor

Media Field in the Sensor: Geometry and Meshing

Media Field: Calculation Method

Media Field: Green’s Function

Calculation of Self-demagnetization field

TGMR Head Transfer Curves without PM stabilization

Magnetization Profile in Free Layer

Transfer Curves of Normal GMR Heads with PM stabilization

Random Telegraph Noise in GMR head

Stoner–Wohlfarth Single Particle Noise Model

Micromagnetics with Thermal Effect

Two Possible Magnetic States from Micromagnetics

Future Work