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Talk Abstract
IMA/MCIM Industrial Problems Seminar
March 29, 2002

570 Vincent Hall
10:10 am

Mathematical Problems Arising in Multi-Sensor Multi-Platform Precision Registration

Craig T. Poling
Lockheed Martin Tactical Defense Systems


Future military surveillance systems will utilize multiple spatially distributed networked sensors to sense the battlespace. Many unsolved mathematical problems arise in network centric warfare including: (1) Development of optimal strategies for distributed platform and sensor control; (2) Development of methods that maximize the communications network capacity and efficiency of spectrum/spatial usage while ensuring a specified level of network quality of service and (3) Improving the quality of target detection, localization and classification using multiple distributed sensors. In this IMA talk I will examine selected mathematical challenges that we at Lockheed Martin-Eagan have encountered in our efforts to improve sensor localization accuracy.


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Mathematics in Geosciences, September 2001 - June 2002

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