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Talk Abstract
Adaptive Mesh Refinement on Logically-Rectangular Grids for Hyperbolic Systems using AMRCLAW

Randall J. LeVeque, University of Washington

CLAWPACK (Conservation LAW PACKage) is a collection of fortran subroutines for solving hyperbolic systems of conservation laws in one and two space dimensions, both with and without source terms, that are based on high-resolution multi-dimensional wave propagation methods. Recently this software has been merged with Marsha Berger's adaptive mesh refinement codes to create AMRCLAW, which allows adaptive refinement to be applied to a wide range of hyperbolic systems. The methods are implemented in a form that allows

  • Extensions to hyperbolic problems that are not in conservation form, such as acoustics in a heterogeneous medium with varying sound speed.

  • The use of ``capacity-form" differencing that allows easy extension to problems with varying capacity of the medium, e.g. porosity in groundwater flow or density in a stratified atmosphere.

  • Application on logically-rectangular curvilinear grids.

    A     version of the code in two space dimensions is available, see


    for the code and some sample results. A three-dimensional version is currently being developed together with Jan Olav Langseth and Dave McQueen.

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    1996-1997 Mathematics in High Performance Computing

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