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Talk Abstract
Adaptive and Parallel Finite-Element Computation

Joseph E. Flaherty, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

We are developing a framework for adaptive and parallel computation that is capable of (i) generating three-dimensional unstructured meshes of tetrahedral elements, (ii) automatically refining and coarsening these meshes, (iii) partitioning the computation into subdomains that may be processed in parallel, and (iv) maintaining a balanced parallel computation through element migration. Mesh generation is supported by a hierarchical database which suuports both h- and p-refinement. The database is connected to geometrical modeling procedures and to a parallel library having capabilities for processor scheduling and reassignment. Special dynamic load-balancing strategies appropriate to this enviroment are described. Applications of the parallel adaptive finite element procedures to flow problems are described.

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1996-1997 Mathematics in High Performance Computing

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