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IMA Workshop
Parallel Solution of PDE
June 9-13, 1997

Mathematics of High Performance Computing
Parallel Computational Mechanics


Petter Bjørstad (University of Bergen) and Mitchell Luskin (Univ. of Minnesota)

Workshop Schedule

The numerical solution of the partial differential equations of continuum mechanics is of major importance to the development of many technologies and has been the target of much of the development of parallel computer hardware and software. Parallel computers offers the promise of greatly increased performance and the routine calculation of previously intractable problems. This period of concentration and workshop will promote the development and assessment of new approximation and solution techniques which can take advantage of parallel computers. Topics to be the focus of research include sparse matrix techniques, domain decomposition methods, parallel multi-grid methods, and novel time and space discretizations.

Workshop Schedule

All talks are in Lecture Hall EE/CS 3-180 unless otherwise noted.

Updated 6/4/97

8:30 am Registration and Coffee Reception Room EE/CS 3-176
9:00 am A. Friedman, R. Gulliver, M. Luskin Welcome and Orientation
9:15 am Xiao-Chuan Cai,
University of Colorado
Overlapping Schwarz Methods and Applications in Compressible Flow Problems
10:05 am Rolf Rannacher,
University of Heidelberg
A parallel multigrid solver for the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations
10:50 am Break Reception Room EE/CS 3-176
11:15 am Paul F. Fischer,
Brown University
An overlapping Schwarz method for spectral element solution of the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations
2:00 pm Luca Pavarino,
Universitá di Pavia
Overlapping Schwarz methods for saddle-point problems with a penalty term
2:20 pm Guido Kanschat,
University of Heidelberg
Parallel Solution of Radiative Transport Problems in Astrophysics
2:40 pm Jie Shen,
Penn State University
Fast Spectral-Galerkin Methods and its Applications
4:00 pm IMA Tea Vincent Hall 502 (IMA Lounge)
9:00 am Coffee Reception Room EE/CS 3-176
9:15 am Yvon Maday,
Université Paris IV
To be announced
10:05 am Olof Widlund,
Courant Institute, NYU
Some new domain decomposition methods for linear elasticity and Helmholtz's equation
10:50 am Break Reception Room EE/CS 3-176
11:15 am Peter Bastian,
University of Stuttgart
Parallel Multigrid Methods and Applications
2:00 pm Amir Averbuch,
Tel Aviv University
Highly Scalable Two- and Three-Dimensional Navier-Stokes Parallel Solvers on MIMD Multiprocessors
2:20 pm Ralf Hiptmair,
University of Augsburg
Multigrid Method for Maxwell's Equations
2:40 pm Andrea Toselli,
Courant Institute, NYU
Overlapping Schwarz methods for Maxwell's equations in three dimensions
9:00 am Coffee Reception Room EE/CS 3-176
9:15 am Jinchao Xu,
Penn State University
Multigrid methods for solving partial differential equations discretized with unstructured grids
10:05 am Maksymilian Dryja,
Warsaw University
An additive Schwarz method for finite-element anisotropic elliptic problems
10:50 am Break Reception Room EE/CS 3-176
11:15 am Bjøorn Engquist,
University of Houston
Large-scale simulations of hyperbolic problems
2:00 pm Tsorng-Whay Pan,
University of California, Los Angeles
A Lagrange multiplier/fictitious domain method for particulate flows
2:20 pm Marian Vajtersic,
Slovak Academy of Sciences
A Semidirect Biharmonic Solver for VLSI
2:40 pm Barry Smith,
Argonne National Laboratories
Parallel Newton-Krylov-Schwartz methods: Implementation Issues
9:00 am Coffee Reception Room EE/CS 3-176
9:15 am Ronald H. W. Hoppe,
University of Augsburg
Adaptive finite element methods for domain decomposition on nonmatching grids
10:05 am Tony Chan,
Univ. of California, Los Angeles
Algebraic nonoverlapping domain decomposition methods for compressible fluid flow problems on unstructured meshes
10:50 am Break Reception Room EE/CS 3-176
11:15 am Viswanathan Babu,
Ford Scientific Research Lab.
Simulation of Incompressible Flows Using the Lattice Boltzmann Method
11:45 am Kenneth H. Karlsen,
University of Bergen
Front Tracking and Corrected Operator Splitting for Advection-Diffusion Problems
6:00 pm Reception Radisson Hotel, Alumni Room, Second Floor
6:30 pm Dinner Radisson Hotel, Alumni Room, Second Floor
9:00 am Coffee Reception Room EE/CS 3-176
9:15 am Hans Munthe-Kaas,
University of Bergen
Coordinate-free methods in scientific computing
10:05 am David E. Keyes,
Old Dominion Univ. & ICASE
Think Globally, Act Locally: Newton-Krylov-Schwarz Algorithms for Parallel CFD
10:50 am Break Reception Room EE/CS 3-176
11:15 am Susanne Brenner,
Univ. of South Carolina
Domain decomposition for nonconforming plate elements


1996-1997 Mathematics in High Performance Computing

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