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Workshop Participants
Pattern Formation and Nonlocal Effects
May 11 - 15, 1998

Guenter Ahlers University of California-Santa Barbara Physics
Hans Dieter Armbruster Arizona State University Dept. of Mathematics
Peter Ashwin University of Surrey Dept of Math & Computer Science
Markus Baer Max Planck Institut fur Physik Complexer Systeme  
Dwight Barkley University of Warwick Mathematics Institute
Robert P. Behringer Duke University Dept. of Physics
F.H. Busse Universitat Bayreuth Physikalisches_Institut der
Pascal Chossat University of California Department of Mathematics
Leon Chua University of Califonia -Berkeley Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
John David Crawford University of Pittsburgh Department of Physics
Gerhard Dangelmayr Colorado State University Department of Mathematics
Michael Dellnitz University of Hamburg Institute for Mathematics
Jinqiao Duan Clemson University Department of Mathematical Sciences
Michael J. Field University of Houston Department of Mathematics
Ray Goldstein Princeton University Physics
Martin Golubitsky University of Houston Department of Mathematics
Michael Gorman University of Houston Physics
Gemunu Gunaratine University of Houston Physics
Aric Hagberg Los Alamos National Laboratory Center for Lonlinear Studes, MSB258
John L. Hudson University of Virginia Engineering-Chemical Dept.
Ronald Imbihl Institut fur Physikalische Chemie Universitaet Hannover
Eric W. Justh University of Maryland, College Park Dept. of Electrical Engineering
Edgar Knoblach University of California Berkeley Physics
Katharina Krischer Fritz-Haber Institut Max-Planck-Gesellschaft
Jeroen Lamb University of Warwick Mathematics Institute
Reiner Lauterbach Institut f'ur Angewandte Analysis und Stochastik Mohrenstrasse 39
Naomi Leonard Princeton University Electrical Engineering
Chjan Lim RPI  
Dan Luss University of Houston Department of Chemical Engineering
John Mallet-Paret Brown University Division of Applied Mathematics
Bernie Matkowsky Northwestern University Department of Engineering Sciences andAppl Math.
Ian Melbourne University of Houston Mathematics
Ehud Meron Ben-Gurion Univerisity Physics Department
Alex Mikhailov Fritz-Haber-Institut Abt. Physikalische Chemie
Rennie Mirollo Boston College Math Department
Lou Pecora Naval Research Laboratory  
H.G. Purwins Universitat Munster Institue fur angewandte Physik
Yuriko Renardy Viriginia Tech Dept. of Math
Hermann Riecke Northwestern University Applied Mathematics
H.H. Rotermund Fritz-Haber-Institut Abt. Physikalische Chemie
Rajarshi Roy Georgia Tech Physics
Alistair Ruckledge University of Cambridge Dept. of Applied Math and Theoretical Physics
Bjorn Sandstede Ohio State University Dept of Mathematics
Moshe Sheintuch Technion Dept. of Chemical Engineering
Mary Silber Northwestern University Dept of Eng Sci & Appl Math
Ian Stewart University of Warwick Mathematics Institute
Steven H. Strogatz Cornell University Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
Jim Swift Northern Arizona University  
Harry L. Swinney University of Texas Dept. of Physics
Paul Umbanhower Pennsylvania State University Department of Physics
H.S.J. van der Zant T. U. Delft Department of Applied Mathematics
Stephan Van Gils Universiteit Twente Department of Applied Mathematics
Andre Vanderbauwhede University of Gent Department of Pure Mathematics & Comp. Science
Shinya Watanabe Institute for Mathematics and its Applications University of Minnesota
Kurt Wiesenfeld Georgia Tech Physics
Ralf Wittenberg Princeton University Program in Applied and Computational Mathematics
Claudia Wulff Freie Universit"at Berlin Institut f"ur Mathematik I

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