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Workshop participants
Nonlinear Identification and Control
Aprill 27 - May 1, 1998

Ray Adomaitis University of Maryland Dept. of Chemical Engineering
Dieter Armbruster Arizona State University Dept. of Mathematics
Anthony Axelrod 3M  
John Baillieul Boston University Engineering
Andrzej Banaszan United Technologies Research Center  
H. Thomas Banks North Carolina State University Mathematics
Anthony Bloch University of Michigan Dept. of Mathematics
Roger Brockett Harvard University  
Tomas Co Michigan Technological University Dept. of Chemical Engineering
Prodromos Daoutidis University of Minnesota Chemical Engineering
Kyle Dippery University of Kentucky Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
Frank Doyle University of Delaware  
Gabriela Gomes University of Warwick Dept. of Mathematics
Clas Jacobson United Technologies Research Center  
Ionnis Kanellakopoulos University of California-Los Angeles Electrical Engineering
Yannis Kevrekidis Princeton University Chemical Engineering
Alexander I. Khibnik United Technology Research Center  
Gregory P. King University of Warwick Dept. of Mathematics
Wolfgang Kliemann University of Iowa Mathematics
Daniel Eliezar Koditschek University of Michigan EECS Dept.
Petar V. Kokotovis University of California-Santa Barbara Dept. ECE
P.S. Krishnaprasad University of Maryland Electrical Engineering
Miroslav Krstic University of California at San Diego  
Iven Mareels University of Melbourne Electrical Engineering
Igor Mezic University of California-Santa Barbara Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
Robert Orsi University of Melbourne Dept. of Electrical Engineering
L.M Pismen Technion-Isreak Institute of Technology Dept. of Chemical Engineering
James B Rawlings University of Wisconsin Chemical Engineering
Kay Robbins University of Texas at San Antonio Division of Computer Science
Yousef Saad University of Minnesota Dept. of Computer Science
Edwardo Sontag Rutgers University Mathematics
Jaroslav Stark UCL Centre for Nonlinear Dynamics & its Applications
Edriss Saleh Titi University of California-Irvine Dept. of Mathematics
Eric Ydstie Carnegie-Mellon University Chemical Engineeringki

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1997-1998 Emerging Applications of Dynamical Systems

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