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1998 Summer Program:
Coding and Cryptography
July 6-18, 1998


Ian Blake
Robert Calderbank
Andrew Odlyzko
Vera Pless
Hewlett-Packard Laboratories
AT&T Laboratories
AT&T Laboratories
University of Illinois-Chicago

The aim of the workshop is to bring together mathematicians, computer scientists, and electrical engineers involved in two disciplines, coding and cryptography, so that the techniques from one area can be applied to problems in the other area. One major goal will be to utilize knowledge from coding to construct good cryptographic schemes.

Both coding theory and cryptography originated with the seminal work of Claude Shannon in 1948. During and before World War II, the main applications of cryptography were military. With the spread of computers and electronic communications after the war, the use of cryptographic schemes for passwords, banking transactions and various aspects of computer security proliferated. So did the uses of error-correcting codes in radio based communication systems, satellite communications and for high fidelity on CD's. These uses and the evolving mathematical theory of codes generated much mathematical activity.

The program consists of three parts and will take place over a period of two weeks:

Week 1:
Codes, Design, and Cryptography
July 6-10, 1998

Week 2:
Coding, Complexity and Cryptography
and Sequences
July 13-18, 1998

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