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Planning an IMA Participating Institutions Graduate Student Summer Program

An IMA Participating Institutions Graduate Student Summer Program is planned and carried out as a collaboration between the IMA and the Participating Institution (PI) hosting the event. The IMA provides the funding, publicity, and logistical assistance, while most of the organization and scientific direction is provided by the PI.

At the PI, there should be designated a faculty member and staff member who will be in charge of the program.

About a year before the program, the PI organizers should settle on the title, topic, and dates for the program, and recruit the main speakers. (The IMA will issue formal invitations to the speakers once they have been recruited.) Arrangements should be made to reserve adequate dormitory space during the period of the program. The IMA should be kept informed during this process.

Programmatic issues: The typical program has been four weeks, with one senior speaker per week, but there is a possibility for shorter programs. The choice of topics and quality of speakers are key to the success of the program and should be made carefully and with plenty of lead time. Usually weekdays have been divided between lectures in the morning and less formal sessions in the afternoon. In addition to the academic program there is usually at least one planned social event each week. We recommend a social event, such as a picnic, pizza party, ball game, etc., every Monday to foster interaction between the students and the weeks speaker.

Logistical issues: A program typically attracts from 20 to 50 students. The number should be quite definite several months before the program start. The most important arrangements to make are for room and board. Typically the students stay in a furnished dormitory room and eat via a meal plan. These arrangements should be made well in advance, and information, and the details and costs communicated to the IMA. Besides the room and board, the PI should plan for the social events; food and drink for breaks during the program; student access to library, computers, recreational facilties, etc. A few months before the program the PI organizers should obtain titles and abstracts from the lecturers, and gather travel and local information that should be communicated to the students.

The IMA will designate a staff member as the main point of contact for the program. It will publicize the program and recruit the students through the PI department chairs and keep a database of participants. We will also maintain a web site about the program for participants and potential participants.

The IMA keep students informed of funding and travel arrangements. The IMA pays for the local expenses of up to two students per PI (their travel expenses can be paid from IMA PI accounts). The IMA pays for travel and local expenses of speakers and pays an honorarium of $1,500 per speaker (up to four speakers). The IMA can assist foreign students and speakers with visa matters.

The IMA will prepare folders for the students with name tags, reimbursement forms, and literature, leaving room for additional materials to be added by the PI organizers.

The IMA will collect feedback about the program from the participants.


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