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2005 Solicitation of Proposals for
IMA Participating Institutions Conferences
Deadline: November 15, 2004

All faculty members of the Participating Institutions of the Institute for Mathematics and its Applications are invited to submit proposals for the 2005-2006 IMA Participating Institution conferences. Conferences will be selected on the basis of their scientific merit, interest to the Participating Institutions, the involvement of PI faculty in the organization, and their alignment with the mission of the IMA to advance the impact of mathematics by establishing links between mathematics and important scientific and technological problems, and promoting mathematical research relevant to such problems. Conferences are to be held in the period from May 2005 through December 2006.

This competition is open only to IMA Participating Institutions.

Up to $30,000 total is available for support of these conferences. Awards typically are for $5000 or less, and are often used to attract funds from other sources. In addition, IMA Participating Institutions have the opportunity to use PI funds to send participants to the conferences and the IMA will help to publicize the conference.

Recent Participating Institution Conferences

Proposals should be 3-7 pages in length, and should include: the title, location, dates, and organizers of the proposed conference, a scientific justification, a proposed list of speakers flagging those who have accepted, and a list of faculty from IMA Participating Institutions with potential interest in the program. Include also a conference budget indicating other sources of funding which have been awarded, are pending, or will be applied for.

Faculty members of the Participating Institutions will be consulted about the proposals, and the allocation of funds will be decided by a small committee of Participating Institution department heads.

Please send all proposals by November 15, 2004 to:

Arnd Scheel, Deputy Director
Institute for Mathematics and its Applications

Electronic submission is required. PDF (with Type 1 fonts) is the preferred format.

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