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IMA Annual Program Year Workshop
Network Links: Connecting Social, Communication, and Biological Network Analysis
February 27 - March 2, 2012

Mathieu BlanchetteMcGill University
Graham CormodeAT&T Laboratories - Research
Natasha PrzuljImperial College London
Ben RaphaelBrown University
S. Cenk SahinalpSimon Fraser University
Eric van den BergTelcordia
Group Photo

Networks occur in a large variety of disciplines, e.g., social networks, communication networks, gene regulatory networks, disease transmission networks, financial networks, power networks, etc. Common problems are how to model, map, and measure the network; how to understand and adjust to network evolution and dynamics; and how network structure affects information flow and robustness/resilience of networks. These problems have often been studied in each discipline individually. In this workshop, we bring together researchers and methodologies of network analysis from three disciplines to build on the similarities and contrasts among their approaches.


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