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New Directions Short Course
Invariant Objects in Dynamical Systems and their Applications
June 20-July 1, 2011

Part I: For each question, please select the ONE response that most closely corresponds to your current opinion.
1.The number of course participants was appropriate.
2.There was adequate time for speaker/ participant interaction.
3.The content of the short course met my expectations.
4.The presentations helped me gain a better understanding of new or future research directions.
5.I would recommend an IMA short course to a colleague.
Part II: The information below helps the IMA to document and understand the workshop’s impact on the development of contacts and collaborations by participants.
6.What is your employment sector? Please indicate one.

7.What is your gender?

8.My interaction with other participants was useful in fostering networking.
9.The facilities were appropriate.
10.The format of the short course (morning, afternoon, weekend sessions) was appropriate.
11.What one change could enhance the quality of your experience at the short course
12.If you are in academia, what is your academic status? Please indicate one.

13.How would you assess the impact of the short course? Will you work on new problems as a result? Did you learn something new?
14.What plans do you have to follow-up on the course? New courses? New topics?
15.If you are in a field other than mathematics, what is your primary discipline? Please indicate one.

16.Other thoughts or comments.
17.How did you learn about this course?
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