Coffee Break and Poster Session

Monday, July 27, 2009 - 10:00am - 11:00am
EE/CS 3-176
  • Rarefaction wave interaction for the unsteady transonic small

    disturbance equation

    Katarina Jegdic (University of Houston-Downtown)
    We study a Riemann problem for the unsteady transonic small
    disturbance equation that results in a diverging rarefaction problem. We
    write the problem in self-similar coordinates and obtain a free boundary
    value problem with equations that change type (hyperbolic-elliptic). We
    summarize the main ideas and present the main features of the problem.
    The flow in the hyperbolic part can be described as a solution of a
    degenerate Goursat boundary problem, the interaction of the rarefaction
    wave with the subsonic region is illustrated and the subsonic flow is
    shown to satisfy a second order degenerate elliptic boundary problem
    with mixed boundary conditions. This is joint work with Jun Chen and
    Cleopatra Christoforou (University of Houston).