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Abstracts and Talk Materials
Blackwell-Tapia Conference
November 3-4, 2006

Asheber Abebe (Auburn University)

Discriminant analysis based on statistical depth functions
December 31, 1969

We will consider the problem of identifying the most likely source of a multivariate data point from among several multivariate populations. The use of statistical depth functions for solving this classification problem will be discussed. Statistical depth functions provide a center-outward ordering of points in a multivariate data cloud and hence can be considered to be multivariate analogues of ranks. Specifically, classification through maximizing the estimated transvariation probability of statistical depths is proposed. Considering elliptically symmetric populations, it will be illustrated that these new classification techniques provide lower misclassification error rates in the case of heavy tailed distributions.

This is joint work with Nedret Billor, Asuman Turkmen and Sai Nudurupati.

Alejandro Aceves (University of New Mexico)

Nonlinear interaction of light in disordered optical fiber arrays
December 31, 1969

Light propagation in coupled fiber arrays is described by a balanced of diffraction and nonlinearity. At high intensities, light is localized as a nonlinear mode propagating in a few fibers. The imperfections in the manufacturing of such fiber arrays account for multiplicative noise in the governing equations. Here we analyze how this noise affects the phenomenon of linear (Anderson-like) and nonlinear localization.

Javier Armendariz (Johns Hopkins University)

JHU Applied Physics Lab - Aviation systems engineering group overview
December 31, 1969

The Aviation Systems Engineering Group at JHU/APL conducts systems engineering and analysis to support the development and operational employment of military aviation systems. In this endeavor technical requirements and enabling technologies are identified that relate to operational requirements and operational concepts. The group strives to maintain expertise in air defense threat characterization and analyze the survivability and effectiveness of current and future military aviation systems. To this end we are involved in a wide array of projects encompassing many technical disciplines.

Francisco Barahona (IBM)
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