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Image Submission

IMA Imaging Gallery

For the IMA Imaging Gallery, we are looking for images of artistic interest. By "image" we have in mind a visual representation obtained by processing data collected from some sort of sensor (e.g., seismic, radar, MRI, xray, ...). Scientific visualizations of data obtained via computer simulation is not the main thrust, although in some cases the boundary between such simulations and imaging may not be sharp. We are also not including "ordinary" photography, although again, the distinction between this and other forms of imaging is blurry.

To submit an image to the IMA Imaging Gallery, send an email to with

  • a very brief description of the image (e.g., "fMRI image of human head")
  • brief attribution (e.g., your name)
  • a high resolution image as an attachment in a standard file format

If you are have trouble mailing the file, you can provide a URL for us to download the image from, or send us a request to arrange a download mechanism.

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