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IMA Annual Program Year Tutorial
Radar and Optical Imaging
September 19-23, 2005

David Brady Electrical and Computer Engineering, Duke University
Margaret Cheney Department of Mathematical Sciences, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

The 2005-2006 IMA thematic program on "Imaging" will begin with a tutorial on "Radar and optical imaging," during the week September 19-23, 2005. The tutorial week will consist of two lecture series that will provide background on imaging techniques that are appropriate for two different regions of the electromagnetic spectrum, namely the microwave and optical regions. The microwave region will be considered by Cheney in a tutorial on radar imaging, whereas the optical region will be considered by Brady, whose tutorial will focus on the impact of electronic recording processes. The lectures will provide background on radar imaging, computational optical imaging, and spectroscopy. For more information, see the tutorial abstracts.


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