University of Minnesota
University of Minnesota
New Directions Program

New Directions Short Course:

Quantum Computation

August 15-26, 2005
Part I: For each question, please select the ONE response that most closely corresponds to your current opinion.
1.I was able to pursue "new directions" in my research as a result of attending the short course.
2.I would participate in another IMA event.
3.I have maintained contact with other workshop participants.
4.My interaction with other participants was useful in fostering networking.
5.What specific new research connections/directions have you made? Please briefly describe.
6.What new awards and/or publications have resulted as a consequence of attending the New Directions Short Course? Please list.
7.Are there any other thoughts you have had since completing the short course on which you would like to comment?
Part II: The information below helps the IMA to document and understand the workshop’s impact on the development of contacts and collaborations by participants.
8.What is your gender?

9.What is your employment sector?

10.What is your primary discipline? Please indicate one.

11.May we contact you to follow up on your comments? If so, please enter your name and contact information:
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