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Fall 1999
IMA Workshop
Low-speed Combustion
September 27 - October 1, 1999


John D. Buckmaster
University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign
Talbot Laboratory

Moshe Matalon
Northwestern University

Low-speed (low Mach number) combustion is important in a variety of contexts, including furnaces, spark ignition engines, forest fires, and rocket motors. Fundamentally it is concerned with problems of ignition and with flames. This workshop will focus on two areas in which a large number of fundamental combustion topics are relevant, namely the burning of solid propellants, and of liquid fuel sprays.

Heterogeneous solid propellants support premixed flames and diffusion flames. The diffusion flames have edges in which hybrid combustion occurs. The interaction of these flames with the solid propellant, with local flows, and with acoustic waves is of importance in predicting steady burning rates, erosive burning, and instabilities. Fuel spray burning also is concerned with diffusion flames and premixed flames supported in an environment characterized by nonuniform flow and heterogeneity. Although these problems have been of interest for many decades, many aspects are not well understood. However, fresh mathematical, physical, and computational ideas are yielding new, important results, and this workshop will examine these and explore future directions. The emphasis will be on fundamental flame and flow issues.

Low-Speed Combustion Tutorial


All talks are in Lecture Hall EE/CS 3-180 unless otherwise noted.
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

8:30 am Coffee and Registration Reception Room EE/CS 3-176
9:10 am Willard Miller, Fred Dulles,
and John Buckmaster
9:30 am David R. Kassoy
University of Colorado
A Unified Theory for Combustion-driven Flow Dynamics in a Model of a Solid Rocket Motor Chamber
10:30 am Break Reception Room EE/CS 3-176
11:00 am John D. Buckmaster
U of Illinois-Urbana Champaign
2:00 pm Thomas L. Jackson
U of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Modeling of Heterogeneous Propellant Flames
3:00 pm Break Reception Room EE/CS 3-176
3:30-4:30 pm Moshe Matalon
Northwestern University
Diffusion Flames - Structure and Stability
4:30 pm IMA Tea IMA East, 400 Lind Hall
A variety of appetizers and beverages will be served.
9:15 am Coffee Reception Room EE/CS 3-176
9:30 am Constantine Megaridis
University of Illinois at Chicago
Theoretical Issues in Droplet Evaporation Dynamics
10:30 am Break Reception Room EE/CS 3-176
11:00 am Akira Umemura
Yamagata University
Mathematics and Physics for Supercritical Spray Combustion Research
2:00-3:00 pm Alessandro Gomez
Yale University
From Single Droplet to Practical Spray Combustion: Fundamental Studies in Between
3:00 pm Break Reception Room EE/CS 3-176
3:30--4:30 pm John Dold
9:15 am Coffee Reception Room EE/CS 3-176
9:30 am Amable Lińán
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
On the Combined Effects of Gravity and Air Flow on Flame Spread over Solid Fuels
10:30 am Break Reception Room EE/CS 3-176
11:00 am - 12:00 pm Stephen B. Margolis
Sandia National Laboratories
Two-phase-flow Combustion: Deflagrations in Confined Porous Energetic Materials and their Stability
9:15 am Coffee Reception Room EE/CS 3-176
9:30 - 10:30 am Sandip Ghosal
Sandia National Laboratory
AEA of Triple Flames: Introducing Corrections Due to Compressibility
10:30 am Break Reception Room EE/CS 3-176
11:00 am Andy C. McIntosh
University of Leeds
Pressure Waves and Premixed Flames
Contributed Talks
1:30 pm Paul D. Ronney
University of Southern California
Diffusive-thermal Instability of Counterflow Flames at Low Lewis Number
2:00 pm Vladimir A. Volpert
Northwestern University
Frontal Polymerization as an Analog of Gasless Combustion
2:30 pm Michael Booty
New Jersey Institute of Technology
Ignition of a Combustible Solid by Microwave Heating, and a Modulation Theory for Solutions of Fisher's Equation
3:00 - 3:30 pm Break Reception Room EE/CS 3-176
3:30 - 4:00 pm Longting He
Princeton University
Theoretical and Numerical Study of Critical Conditions for Spherical and Cylindrical Flame Initiation
4:00 - 5:00 pm Discussion
6:00 pm Workshop Dinner TBA
9:15 am Coffee Reception Room EE/CS 3-176
9:30 am Andy King
University of Birmingham
Flow and Reaction in Tubular Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
10:15 am Break Reception Room EE/CS 3-176
10:45-11:15 am Ananias G. Tomboulides
Boston University
Numerical Simulation of Non-premixed Counterflow Flames and Reacting Mixing Layers

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday


as of 9/24/99
Name Department Affiliation
Howard R. Baum Building and Fire Research Laboratory NIST
John Bechtold Mathematics New Jersey Institute of Technology
Michael Booty Mathematical Sciences New Jersey Institute of Technology
J.D. Buckmaster Aeronautical Engineering University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Sally Cheatham Code 6404, LCP&FD Naval Research Laboratory
Joel Daou Engineering Sciences and Appl. Math. Northwestern University
Paul E. DesJardin Reactive Processes Sandia National Laboratories
John Dold Mathematics UMIST
Fred Dulles   Institute for Mathematics and its Applications
Eduardo Fernandez-Tarrazo   Universidad Politecnica De. Madrid
Sean C. Garrick Mechanical Engineering University of Minnesota
Sandip Ghosal   Sandia National Laboratory
Alessandro Gomez Mechanical Engineering Yale University
Joseph Grcar Combustion Research Laboratory Sandia National Laboratory
Laura K. Gross Mathematics and Computer Science The University of Akron
Longting He Mechanical & Aerospace Eng. Princeton University
Abdelkarim M. Hegab Aeronautical and Astronautical Eng. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaigne
Thomas L. Jackson Center for Simulation of Advance Rockets University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Ash Kapila Mathematics Rensselaer Poytechnic Institute
David Kassoy   University of Colorado
Andy King Mathematics University of Birmingham
Gregory M. Knott Mechanical Engineering University of Illinois-Urbana
Grigory Kuzmenko Mathematics and Computer Science Ben-Gurion University of Negev
Amable Linan Motopropulsion y Termofluidodinamica Universidad Politecnica De. Madrid
Stephen Margolis   Sandia National Laboratories
Moshe Matalon Eng. Sci & Appl. Math Northwestern University
Andy C. McIntosh Fuel & Energy University of Leeds
Constantine Megaridis Mechanical Engineering (M/C 251) University of Illinois at Chicago
Willard Miller   Institute for Mathematics and its Applications
Paul Ronney Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering University of Southern California
Fadil Santosa MCIM IMA & Minnesota Center for Industrial Math
Akeel Abbas Shah Mathematics UMIST
Mark Short   University of Illinois-Urbana
Ananias Tomboulides Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering Boston University
Akira Umemura Aerospace Engineering Nagoya University
Vladimir Volpert Eng. Sci. & Applied Mathematics Northwestern University
Michael R. Zachariah Mechanical Engineering University of Minnesota
Ann Zinoviev Software Engineering The Technological College of Beer-Sheva

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