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Talk Abstract
Evaluation of Two Numerical Algorithms in Simulating Particle Condensational Growth and Gas/Particle Mass Transfer

Yang Zhang
Atmospheric and Environmental Research, Inc.
2682 Bishop Drive, Suite 120
San Ramon, CA 94583

Joint work with Christian Seigneur.

Different numerical algorithms have been used in air quality PM models to minimize numerical diffusion when simulating aerosol dynamic processes with a sectional representation of particle size. We evaluated two numerical algorithms (the Bott and the spline interpolation algorithms) that are used in 3-D PM models to simulate particle condensational growth and gas/particle mass transfer. For simulation of condensational growth, the Bott algorithm causes some upstream numerical diffusion for the fine particle size range (with diameter < 0.1 micro meter), whereas the spline interpolation algorithm leads to significant numerical diffusion over a large particle diameter range of 0.01- 2.5 micro meter. For simulation of gas/particle mass transfer, the two algorithms predict similar particle size distribution for cases without NaCl, however, they predict significantly different particle size distribution for cases with NaCl.

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