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Workshop Participants
Calcium Dynamics in Cells
February 9-13, 1998

Nancy L. Allbritton University of California-Irvine Dept. of Physiology
Hans Dieter Armbruster Arizona State University Dept. of Mathematics
Illani Atwater NIDDK, NIH LCBG
Andrea Bieberich University of Notre Dame  
Andrej Bugrim University of California-Davis Institute of Theoretical Dynamics
Samuel Chan University of California-Davis Department of Mathematics
Andrew Charles UCLA-SOM Dept. of Neurology
Gary De Young Mesa State College of Colorado Mathematics Department
Maria do Carmo Carbinatto ICMSC-Departamento de Matematica Departamento de Matematica
Genevieve Dupont Univ. Libre de Bruxelles  
Provost Irving Epstein Brandeis University  
Mark Friedman University of Alabama-Huntsville Department of Mathematics
John Hunter Univ. of California-Davis Dept. of Mathematics
Joel Keizer Univ. of California-Davis ITD/NPB-DBS
William S. Kisaalita University of Georgia Biological and Agricultural Engineering
James D. Lechleiter University of Virginia Dept. of Neuroscience, Markey Center
Yue-Xian Li Univ. of California-Davis Inst. of Theoretical Dynamics
Leslie Loew University of Conn. Health Center Dept. of Physiology
Gerhard Magnus    
Charles Miller University of Notre Dame  
Robert Miura NIH Mathematics Research Branch
Richard Nuccitelli University of California-Davis Molecular and Cellular Biology
Hans Othmer Univ. of Utah Dept. of Mathematics
Ian Parker Univ. of California, Irvine Department of Psychobiology
John Pearson Los Alamos National Laboratory  
Mark Pernarowski Montana State University Mathematical Science
Arthur Peskoff Univ. of California-Los Angeles Department of Physiology
Raj Rao University of Georgia Biological & Agricultural Engineering
Eduardo E. Rojas NIH LCB & G
James T. Russell NIH  
Michael J. Sanderson Univ. of Massachusetts Medical School Dept. of Phsiology
Arthur Sherman NIH Mathematical Research Branch, NIDDK
Robert B. Silver Marine Biological Laboratory  
Gregory D. Smith NIDDK, National Institutes of Health Mathematical Research Branch
Paul Smolen University of Texas-Medical School Dept. of Neurobiology & Anatomy
James Sneyd University of Michigan Dept. of Mathematics
Stanko Stojikovic NICHD, NIH Endocrine and Reproductive Research Branch
David Terman Ohio State Dept. of Mathematics
Andrew P. Thomas New Jersey Medical School of UMDNJ Department of Pharmacology and Physiology
Robert S. Zucker University of California-Berkeley Dept. of Molecular and Cell Biology

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